Conservation Physiology of Marine Fishes

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Marine fish are important resources in the EU but are very vulnerable to climate change. Conservationphysiology evaluates how they respond to major environmental factors and sustain populations in the face ofenvironmental pressures. This can identify causal mechanisms underlying conservation problems, and therebyimprove predictions on impacts of expected challenges and refine conservation strategies.The proposed COST action would provide for:A network of marine fish conservation physiology researchers, to promote exchange of ideas and devisecommon approaches.Interactions among physiologists, ecologists and modellers, to improve forecasting and identify researchpriorities.Interactions among physiologists and managers/policy makers, to integrate physiology into conservationstrategies/decisions.This will be achieved through conferences, workshops, dedicated publications, targeted scientific exchanges(especially for young scientists), and common funding applications.

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Ambiente e cambiamento climatico
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