Civic capital and economic growth in Europe: reasons for the Italian decline.

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The project addresses the issue of the relationship between civic capital and economic growth. In particular, civic capital is here considered to be one of the main gears in the economic development box. In fact, definition and measurement of civic capital is far from trivial, it including, in some way, social capital, human capital, entrepreneurship capital and, in general, a set of (positive) norms and values shared by a community. It is, therefore, a multidimensional concept that can explain the lack of growth in Italy during the last twenty years. The purpose of this research is to obtain a summary measure of civic capital in Italy for some of its main variations and to analyze its distribution among the Italian regions and the regions and countries of Europe. We will try to provide answers to some questions: 1. the absence of growth in Italy is attributable, and how, to a low level of civic capital; 2. what we mean as civic capital in an economic framework; 3. how we can increase this civic capital; 4. Italy is destined to a future of decline. To address these issues, it seems appropriate to focus on three main dimensions: 1. institutional pillar; 2. entrepreneurial pillar; 3. educational pillar. Finally, the research will aim to build, using a nonparametric procedure, a single summary measure defined in a metric space to apply in appropriate spatial growth models.
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