Bilancio del carbonio negli agroecosistemi. Determinazione dei ritmi e limiti di saturazione del carbonio del suolo

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The aim of this project is the evaluation of the CO2 fluxes from soils (both in volcanic areas and forest and tilled soil) CO2 genetic characterization will be also carried out both for the diffuse and water CO2. For this reason in different study areas several measure will be performed, to investigate in particularly: a) CO2 from soil organic matter decomposition areas b) volcanic and sedimentary high CO2 flux areas Sicily, in fact, shows different areas characterized by ugh thermals activity c) CO2 quantities from tilled and forest soils That studies could be useful in order to the following questions: a) CO2 mass balance evaluation from different geological areas b) CO2 mass balance evaluation from Sicilian tilled and forest soil c) Sicilian environment ability in CO2 sequestration Final results could allows to a global CO flux from Sicilian land due to the different contribution (geological, organic, etc). This kind of data will be useful to develop a comparison with other country and to become a datum point for the Mediterranean basin. Mass balance evaluation will be carried out using different methods. Particularly: a) Soil CO2 fluxes, on sample area, will be measured using an IRGA analyzer and store pan (Chiodini et al., 1987) ; b) soil organic carbon using standard methodology c) aquifer CO2 fluxes will be estimated by chemical measure (TDIC measures). d) carbon isotopic composition to individuate different CO2 sources by mass spectrometry will be carried out. Research Unit (Palermo) will join the following activities: Fase 1 – SOM quantitative and qualitative analisys and dynamics Task 1 – SOM determination and protection mechanisms in relation to different soi fractions Task 2 – SOM fractions characterization and isotopic analysis Task 3 - Flux measurements Fase 2 – Long term trials and best conditions for carbon sequestration individuation Task 1 – Regional database analysis Task 2 - Best management practice for carbon sequestration The aim of this study is also to evaluate the longer-term impact of different management practice and tillage tools on 1) carbon stock of soil 2) aggregate size distribution and organic carbon concentration of each fraction 3) organic matter composition and stability 4) Soil carbon saturation level.
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