AFOSR Workshop on Trust and Influence in Human - Machine Teaming

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    Following the tradition of the previous AFOSR Trust workshops in 2012 and in 2015, the workshop will offer a venue where main scholars in different fields, from computer science to psychology, from neuroscience to robotics and artificial intelligence, will freely discuss on the main topics related to trust and influence in human – machine teaming and human-robot interaction. Moreover, this will be the first workshop organized in Europe, and many potential participants will come from EU institutions. This is in line with recent AFOSR efforts to recruit more EU scientists on the different aspects of the main challenge of trust and influence in human – machine teaming.The main objective of the workshop is to focus the discussion of trust to the relevance of two research topics: namely the developmental learning and the models of self and emotions in the generation, assessment and repair of trust. Two keynote speakers, Antony Evans from Tilburg University and Brian Scassellati from Yale University, will give their main talk in order to set up the discussion on these topics from an interdisciplinary point of view.

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