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Investigating Prismatic adaptation effects in handgrip strength and in plantar pressure in healthy subjects

Giustiniani, A., Bonaventura, R. E., Smirni, D., Giustino, V., Oliveri, M., Battaglia, G., Battaglia, G., Messina, G., Giustiniani, A., Smirni, D. & Oliveri, M., 2020, In : GAIT & POSTURE. 76, pag. 264-269 6 pag.

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How do sports affect static baropodometry? An observational study among women living in southern Italy

Petrucci, M., Feka, K., Iovane, A., Bianco, A., Russo, G., Palma, A., Giustino, V., Petrucci, M., Giustino, V., Messina, G., Piccione, M. C., Pomara, F., Pomara, F. & Messina, G., 2019, In : HUMAN MOVEMENT. 20, pag. 9-16 8 pag.

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Orofacial muscles activity in children with swallowing dysfunction and removable functional appliances

Martines, F., Giustino, V., Martines, F., Scoppa, F., Messina, G. & Pirino, A., 2019, In : European Journal of Translational Myology. 29, pag. 246-250 5 pag.

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