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Electrodeposition and characterization of Mo oxide nanostructures

Inguanta, R., Sunseri, C., Spano', T., Piazza, S., Barrec, F., Silipigni, L., Neri, F. & Fazio, E., 2015, In : CHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONS. 43, pag. 685-690 6 pag.

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Template Electrochemical Growth and Properties of Mo Oxide Nanostructures

Sunseri, C., Piazza, S., Spano', T., Inguanta, R., Silipigni, L., Barreca, F., Neri, F. & Fazio, E., 2014, In : JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY. C. 114, pag. 22299-22308 10 pag.

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Electrodeposition and Photo-electrochemical behaviour of CIGS Thin Films and Nanowires arrays for Solar Cell

Inguanta, R., Piazza, S., Spano', T., Oliveri, R. L. & Sunseri, C., 2013, Chemical Engineering Transactions. pag. 343-348 6 pag. (CHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONS).

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Electrochemical deposition of CIGS on electropolished Mo

Livreri, P., Sunseri, C., Inguanta, R., Spano', T. & Piazza, S., 2012, Fuelling the Future: Advances in Science and Technologies for Energy Generation. pag. 183-187 5 pag.

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