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Comparison of the environmental assessment of an identical office building with national methods

Longo, S., Cellura, M., Birgisdottir, Ouellet-Plamondon, Bohne, Gomes, Szalay, Dixit, Garcia Martinez, Llatas, Lupišek, Passer, Frischknecht, Balouktsi, Lasvaux, Dowdell, Chae, Mateus, Trigaux, Pomponi e altri 26, König, Chae, Yang, Hollberg, Soust Verdaguer, Francart, Röck, Ryklová, Nygaard Rasmussen, Martel, Gomes, Berg, Ramseier, Mateus, Huang, Yang, Alsema, Dowdell, Dixit, Chau, Braganca, Alsema, Peuportier, Chau, Lützkendorf & Habert, 2019, In : IOP CONFERENCE SERIES. EARTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE. 323, 11 pag.

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Life cycle energy performances of a Net Zero Energy prefabricated building in Sicily

Longo, S., Cellura, M., Tumminia, G., Guarino, F., Aloisio, D., Mistretta, M., Antonucci, V. & Mistretta, M., 2017, In : Energy Procedia. 140, pag. 486-494 9 pag.

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A Simplified LCA Tool for Solar Heating and Cooling Systems

Beccali, M., Longo, S., Cellura, M. & Mugnier, D., 2016, In : Energy Procedia. 91, pag. 317-324 8 pag.

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