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Exploring the neural correlates of the reversed letter effect: evidence from left and right parietal patients

Turriziani, P., Giammusso, I., Mangano, G. R., Smirni, D., Oliveri, M., Mangano, G. R., Bracco, M., Smirni, D., Zhaoping, L., Turriziani, P., Cipolotti, L. & Oliveri, M., 2019, In : Neuroscience Letters. 699, pag. 217-224 8 pag.

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Immigrants Psychopathology: Emerging Phenomena and Adaptationof Mental Health Care Setting by Native Language

Tosto, C., Giammusso, I., Foddai, E., Tosto, C., Giammusso, I., Monti, M. C., Catania, N., Monti, M. C., Savoja, G., Casadei, F. & Foddai, E., 2018, In : Clinical Practice and Epidemiology in Mental Health. pag. 312-322 11 pag.

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The WHAAM Application: a Tool to Support the Evidence-Based Practice in the Functional Behaviour Assessment

Mirisola, A., Giammusso, I., Merlo, G., Sanches-Ferreira, M., Mcgee, C., Chiazzese, G. & Chifari, A., 2018, In : JOURNAL OF INNOVATION IN HEALTH INFORMATICS. 25, pag. 63-70 8 pag.

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