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A satellite stand-alone procedure for deriving net radiation by using SEVIRI and MODIS products

Motisi, A., Consoli, S., Vanella, D., Ramírez-Cuesta & Minacapilli, M., 2018, In : International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation. pag. 786-799 14 pag.

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Exploring the use of displaced beam scintillometer for daytime measurement of surface energy fluxes over a Mediterranean Olive Orchard

Motisi, A., Alfieri, J. G., Sciortino, M., Drago, A., Georgiadis, T. & De Bruin, H. A. R., 2014, In : ITALIAN JOURNAL OF AGROMETEOROLOGY. XVIII, pag. 13-28 16 pag.

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How a traditional agricultural protection structure acts in conditioning the internal microclimate: A statistical analytical approach to Giardino Pantesco (Pantelleria Island - Italy)

Motisi, A., Motisi, A., Rossi, F., Carotenuto, F., Lenzi, J., Carotenuto, F., Georgiadis, T. & Barbera, G., 2014, In : ITALIAN JOURNAL OF AGROMETEOROLOGY. XVIII, pag. 41-58 18 pag.

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Rootstock and fruit canopy position affect peach [Prunus persica (L.) Batsch] (cv. Rich May) plant productivity and fruit sensorial and nutritional quality

Motisi, A., Diamanti, J., Dattola, A., Dattola, A., Zappia, R., Gullo, G. & Mezzetti, B., 2014, In : FOOD CHEMISTRY. 153, pag. 234-242 9 pag.

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Annual and monthly carbon balance in an intensively managed Mediterranean olive orchard

Motisi, A., Rossi, F., Drago, A., Facini, Nardino & Georgiadis, T., 2013, In : Photosynthetica. 51, pag. 63-74 12 pag.

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Eddy covariance and sap flow measurement of energy and mass exchanges of woody crops in a Mediterranean environment

Motisi, A., Rallo, G., Consoli, S., Rossi, F., Rallo, Papa, Minacapilli, M. & Cammalleri, C., 2012, In : ACTA HORTICULTURAE. 951, pag. 121-127 7 pag.

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Motisi, A., Barbagallo, M., Saiano, F., Dominguez Rodriguez, L. J., Niehoff, M. L., Ercal, N., Farr, S. A., Banks, W. A., Morley, J. E. & Price, T. O., 2012, In : Journal of Alzheimer's Disease. 28, pag. 81-92 12 pag.

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Peach Planting Systems in Southern Italy: Ecophysiological Aspects and Technical Developments

Caruso, T., Motisi, A., Di Vaio, C. & Pernice, F., 2008, In : ACTA HORTICULTURAE. 772, pag. 423-430

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Così l’olivo dà una mano a catturare il carbonio

Motisi, A., Drago, A. & Pernice, F., 2007, In : OLIVO & OLIO. 6, pag. 34-36

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Hydraulic kinetics of graft union in different Olea europaea L. scion/rootstock combinations

Motisi, A., Gascó, Raimondo, Lo Gullo, Salleo, Nardini & Gortan, 2007, In : Environmental and Experimental Botany. 60, n. 2, pag. 245-250

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Prevedere le fasi fenologiche in base alla temperatura dell'aria

Motisi, A., Drago, A., Fontana, G. & Zerilli, V., 2007, In : L'INFORMATORE AGRARIO. 11, pag. 2-5

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Una 'correlazione turbolenta' per sapere quanta CO2 assorbe l'olivo

Motisi, A. & Drago, A., 2007, In : ARPA VIEW. 2007, pag. 8-8

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La peschicoltura tardiva siciliana

Motisi, A., Caruso, T., Campisi, G., Drago, A. & Fontana, G., 2006, In : L'INFORMATORE AGRARIO. 27, pag. 34-37

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Vecchie varietà per una nuova peschicoltura in Sicilia

Campisi, G., Caruso, T., Motisi, A. & Di Martino, V. C., 2006, In : L'INFORMATORE AGRARIO. 27, pag. 30-33

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