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Preparation of catalysts and photocatalysts used for similar processes

Di Paola, A., Bellardita, M., Palmisano, L. & Yurdakal, S., 2019, Heterogeneous Photocatalysis: Relationships with Heterogeneous Catalysis and Perspectives. pag. 25-56 32 pag.

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TIO2 brookite: Properties, synthesis and applications

Di Paola, A., Parrino, F., Bellardita, M. & Palmisano, L., 2017, Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles: Characterizations, Properties and Syntheses. pag. 23-70 48 pag.

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Junction Effect on the Photocatalytic Activity of Mixed-Phase TiO2 Nanoparticles.

Di Paola, A., Palmisano, L., Bellardita, M. & Parrino, F., 2010, 216th ECS Meeting, Abstract. Vol. 2010. pag. - 7 pag.

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TiO2-based photocatalysis for organic synthesis

Marci', G., Palmisano, L., Augugliaro, V. & Di Paola, A., 2010, Environmentally Benign Catalysts: Applications of Titanium Oxide-based Materials. pag. 623-646 24 pag. (NANOSTRUCTURE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY).

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TiO2 photocatalysts prepared by thermohydrolysis of TiCl4 solutions

Bellardita, M., Di Paola, A. & Palmisano, L., 2010, Scientific Bases for the Preparation of Heterogeneous Catalysts. 4 pag.

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Characterization of TiO2 thin films for photocatalytic applications

Bellardita, M., Di Paola, A., Palmisano, L. & Addamo, M., 2007, Photocatalysis, Environment and Construction Materials. pag. 57-64

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Photocatalytic activity of TiO2 thin films prepared in the presence of organic and inorganic additives

Marci', G., Palmisano, L., Di Paola, A. & Garcia Lopez, E. I., 2007, Photocatalysis, Environment and Construction Materials. pag. 273-280

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Preparation in mild conditions of photocatalytically active nanostructured TiO2 rutile

Marci', G., Di Paola, A., Garcia Lopez, E. I., Palmisano, L. & Addamo, M., 2006, Scientific bases for the preparation of heterogeneous catalysts. pag. 689-696

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