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The Construction Laboratory of the Department of Architettura (D'ARCH) of the University of Palermo carries out laboratory investigations, bench tests and in situ analyses intended for scientific research, teaching activity and on behalf of third parties, either public and private institutions.
In the Laboratory it is possible to manufacture, characterise and, subsequently, experimentally evaluate the durability of the building and construction materials, both traditional and innovative, following standardised and reproducible procedures. It is also possible to produce 3D models of building components.
In situ it is possible to carry out analyses to evaluate the masonry characteristics and the building envelope heat loss, as well as to measure various indoor environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, lighting, quality and air flow, acoustic intensity.

Main offered services:
• Manufacturing and characterisation of both traditional and innovative materials and products for architecture;
• Accelerated aging tests on building materials and components;
• Production of 3D models of building components;
• In situ analyses on the building envelope and traditional masonry;
• Measurement of environmental parameters (indoor environments).

The Construction Laboratory is equipped with the following:
• Tools for construction and building materials manufacture (mixer, motorized vibrating table, moulds, ovens, etc.);
• Tools for materials characterisation (motorized flow table, universal hydraulic press, abrasimeter, colorimeter, spectrophotometer, optical microscope, saw for thin sections, penetrometer for wood, etc.);
• Tools for in situ investigations (cover meter, ultrasound sclerometer, thermocamera, hydraulic jacks, core machine, micro-carotator, endoscope, etc.);
• Instruments for environmental parameters measurement (luxmeter, data logger, globometric probe, turbulence probe, CO2 probe, phonometer, etc.);
• Tools for complex environmental conditions simulation for the materials and components durability assessment (climatic chamber, salt-spray chamber, freezer, UV chamber, etc.);
• Machine for 3D models and prototypes production (three-axis numerical control machine);
• Total station.


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