Web, globalizzazione e minoranze

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[automatically translated] The expression "natural learning" indicates a liaison difficult: the two components of the phrase referring to opposing language teaching methods, the implicit and explicit nature of the acquisition and the informal and formal learning of a L2. It does not express the will to question the natural learning approach but aims to recover some modes of linguistic knowledge implied its acquisition of L1 in teaching L2, extending them, quantitatively and qualitatively, so that they are respectful of globality and the systematic acquisition of knowledge by the person learner. The suggestion does not have general value, but actually has imposed two poles: that of the pragmatic specificity of micro-languages and the learning by immersion in "slice of real life" achievable with multimedia. The establishment of such contact with the real language, intended as a global cognitive and sensory input especially in the audio-oral skills a vital role can be played by multimedia in its range of real audiovisual playback capability, and activator functions and trainer of clothes of knowledge mostly implied. Its evolution in terms of technical perfection of the reproduction or the growing ease of the software for the audiovisual editing the increasingly offering more frequently for language teachers as a tool capable of improving significantly the conditions and learning outcomes.
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationMinoranze linguistiche. Prospettive, strumenti, territori.
Publication statusPublished - 2007

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