Volume di attività operatoria per medico e tempestività di esecuzione di intervento chirurgico a seguito di frattura del collo del femore nell’anziano in Sicilia

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[automatically translated] Introduction: The evaluation of quality of care is an area of primary importance Investigation. As part of the different dimensions that characterize the overall quality of health care, a crucial element is given by the effectiveness of the treatment technique. It is known as the measures of effectiveness of the treatments can be built relatively to different aspects including the staffing and volumes of activity. Objective: This study aims to analyze the relationship between one of the process indicators in use today as part of the region of Sicily for the evaluation of company performance, what is the timely execution of surgery following fracture the elderly femoral neck, and aspects of organizational and managerial nature of the different structures. Method: The timing of implementation of the action following a fracture of the femoral neck in the elderly was analyzed in relation to the volume of activity (number of surgeries) for medical, in Sicily in 2012. The information sources used are represented by hospital discharge records (SDO) and the flow of information, set up by DA of 29 February 2012, relating to all employees of companies in the SSR results: preliminary analysis of the results showed a relationship of association between average number of medical interventions and timeliness of performance (OR = 1.4). Furthermore, the analysis of the positioning of the different hospitals for classifying the same in relation to the values of the variables considered: high-supplied high timeliness, low-low supplied timely, high-low supplied timely and low-supplied high timeliness. Conclusions: The present study, while addressing just one of many aspects that come into play in health care evaluation, represents a first step towards a concept of evaluation that looks simultaneously to the relationship between input and output equipment products from sanitary system. This allows you to highlight areas of potential inefficiencies where high supplied correspond to low levels of quality, and any specific areas for action to support,
Original languageItalian
Publication statusPublished - 2013

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