Vita, politica, rappresentazione. A partire dall'Italian Theory

Pietro Maltese, Danilo Mariscalco

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[automatically translated] When it comes to Italian Theory it refers to a fee, to a paradigm, a counter-charge, to one style of thinking? It is legitimate to the combination of authors as diverse and sometimes opposed controversy? It has a foundation the suspicion that the Italian Theory is merely yet another (and predictably ephemeral) philosophical trend condemned to the same fate of other trends equally à la page long? Or the reopening of the dossier on the Italian Radical thinking is a process which enables fruitful readings of this? The essays collected here move to these questions and try to explore the issues raised by the Italian difference on the specific plan of (bio) policy and the corresponding forms of representation, proposing a renewed confrontation between the critics and the crisis weapons, to a determinant time and determined, of the models. The problem remains that, hoary and old, of the relationship between theory and practice. If the contemporary Italian thought is everted and conflicted, then should not it, if you do not guide and direct, at least entertain a close relationship with the field of political practice?
Original languageItalian
PublisherOmbre Corte
Number of pages205
ISBN (Print)9788869480294
Publication statusPublished - 2016

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