Vincenzo Melluso, Un viale urbano di 120 KM, conversazione a cura di Giuseppina Farina

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[automatically translated] One phase of this research was carried out through several seminar meetings. One in particular has raised the scientific experience, education and professional developed around the theme of the relationship between the city of Palermo and its system of road infrastructure as the ring road and the motorway. The speakers on this occasion, as speakers: Giuseppe Guerrera, who described the study conducted in a professional environment for working out the feasibility study for a number of projects in relation to the axis of the ring road of Palermo; Vincenzo Melluso, whose speech entitled An urban boulevard of 120 km reported the experience breakthrough with Pasquale Culotta within the teaching on the motorway route, having as a fulcrum Palermo, Cefalu colleague in Partinico; Marcello Panzarella that, with a contribution entitled The architecture of the Palermo ring, it presented the projects developed during the XVII Milan Triennale. Through these interventions it is rebuilt a path that, starting from the projects Triennale (1987), through the educational research (1996-1997), up to the professional experience (2000), contains more than 15 years of the reflections and urbanism in Italy on the subject of infrastructure in relation to the transformation of the contemporary city. Through the interview tool they want to collect the products results in the area of architectural design courses taught by professors Culotta Pasquale and Vincenzo Melluso at the Faculty of Architecture of Palermo, which had as its theme "An urban boulevard of 120 km".
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Title of host publicationPeriferie e città contemporanea. Progetti peri quartieri Borgo Ulivia e Zen a Palermo
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Publication statusPublished - 2012

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