Verifica di DSM ottenuti da coppie stereoscopiche EROS B

Mauro Lo Brutto, Daniela Pennacchio

Research output: Contribution to conferenceOther


[automatically translated] The continued and growing availability of satellite sensors with high and very high resolution (less than 1 meter) represent an excellent source for cartographic purposes. In particular those able to acquire stereoscopic pairs (including IKONOS, QuickBird and EROS) provide a valuable opportunity for the generation of digital surface models (Digital Surface Model, DSM). The work describes the study conducted for the verification of the DSM obtained via image-matching procedures by a pair of stereoscopic images of EROS satellite. The study was developed in the context of previous research by the authors of these issues related to stereoscopic pairs of IKONOS images (Lo Brutto & Plume, 2006). For the checking operations have been calculated DSM with a pitch of 10 to 20 meters so as to be able to perform the checks compared to the levels of accuracy required by the technical specifications established in the framework of the research project of the Interregional Center for Coordination and documentation for territorial information. The accuracy of the DSM has been checked by a comparison with the points listed in the CTR 1: 5000. Furthermore, a verification was conducted with the digital terrain model obtained using the level of the cartography curves. In this case the comparison was made locally in order to evaluate the accuracy as a function of the morphology and of the soil cover.
Original languageItalian
Number of pages2
Publication statusPublished - 2009

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