Venticinquesima Strada, Quarantuno Ovest. Dialogo ul Ventunesimo Blocco.

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[automatically translated] Around gloss 21, and thanks to the visibility given by Peter Eisenman, has started a shared and collective, which wants to overcome political diatribes and that, in addition to saving the Memorial, Let new contributions to enrich it. Path that has made use, as, of new supports, such as the CGIL, Arcigay, the CNJ and a growing number of citizens who now arrderiscono and officially support the Glossa Project 21. An active citizenry that sees something in this battle that goes beyond mere preservation of a memorial and that the defense of the values contained in a work secularly in an untouchable sacred ground such as Auschwitz-Birkenau. A battle that must be made with the same force with which they fought for the freedom we still enjoy, the women and men who built our Republic "founded on work", born of the Resistance and the rubble of the putrid Nazi-fascism. By an American architect of New York to us young thirties of this Italian increasingly unrecognizable, by Primo Levi to the most unknown of the deportees.
Original languageItalian
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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