Valutazioni tecniche ed economiche sull'uso degli inseguitori solari

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[automatically translated] The human settlement processes related to the development of the energy sector have led the "footprints" on the planet now indelible. It just has to try to reduce energy consumption and energy entrust the production to a balanced mix of sources. In this context, with particular reference to electric energy production, the exploitation of the solar resource has assumed a first order role. Much of the industry's research and development has focused on techniques and innovative methods of conversion into electrical energy source. Next to these, to equal the conversion topology, other research and development activities have been directed towards the optimization of the production of electricity by means of "concentration" of the solar radiation in the placement point of the conversion device or by suitably changing the orientation of the device relative to the direction of the radiation itself. These research and development activities undertaken by the scientific community and the business community, certainly will foster better exploitation of solar energy and will have repercussions at different times. This article focuses on solar trackers, simple application devices based on established technologies, whose widespread application could lead, in the short term, a significant increase of productivity of photovoltaic systems. In particular,
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