Valutazione dell'usura nei carrelli per serramenti

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[automatically translated] In the work it is rated the behavior of trolleys for windows and doors under varying load conditions in order to evaluate the wear. The dynamic tests were conducted on a specially made machine of simple design and suitable to ensure a reciprocating motion under load. To assess wear was performed a very accurate scanning of wheels geometry (before and after the dynamic tests) through a light detection system structured COMET V STEINBICHLER. The scanning process made it possible to digitize the wheels with an accuracy of the order of 5μm. The scan data showed an almost uniform increase in the diameter of the hole. It 'was also carried out a comparison of the experimental results with the zero wear theory: In particular, the maximum load was evaluated up to which it has zero wear for a given number of cycles (20000) in the wheel-axis and contact rotella- guide. The values obtained were confirmed by the processing of the experimental results.
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Publication statusPublished - 2009

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