Valutazione del legamento intermalleolare posteriore (LIMP) normale e patologico con RM dedicata da 1T (Orthone). Studio preliminare.

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[automatically translated] OBJECTIVE: To identify the ligament back intermalleolar (LIMP) ankle in healthy patients with posterior impingement syndrome of the ankle using a dedicated high-field MRI machine (Q1). MATERIAL AND METHODS: They were re-evaluated retrospectively 118 patients (68 males and 50 females, age range: 11-78 years; mean age, 39 years) who underwent MRI of the ankle with MRI machine dedicated 1T (Orthone ONI Medical systerms) in the period May 2006 - January 2007, in which it was acquired at least a coronal scan (GE or 2D-FSE T2-weighted). RESULTS: The LIMP has been positively identified in 66 patients (59%) as a thin band or as two parallel stripes on the coronal images, and as a linear structure on the axial images. In some cases it was possible to see a thinning or un'iperintensità along the course of the ligament, a sign of impingement syndrome. In 32 patients the LIMP has not been identified with certainty, while in the remaining 20 patients was not present. CONCLUSIONS: Contrary to other RM machines dedicated low field, dedicated high-field MRI allows to optimally display, in the majority of patients, the normal or pathological LIMP, thus being useful in the differential diagnosis between the causes of the rear from impingement syndrome .
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Publication statusPublished - 2007

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