Valutazione degli impatti esercitati dalla filiera della pesca

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[automatically translated] The study is placed on the results produced as part of the Annual Report 2009, in which it was presented an overview of the state of the fisheries sector in Sicily, with particular regard to energy consumption, environmental impact and innovation technology in the fishing industry and aquaculture in Sicily. In this study, we will analyze in more detail some of the supply chain companies situations deemed emblematic of industry conditions in Sicily, in order to outline the needs and limits, also in view of the proposal to introduce targeted and timely technological innovations. Once again, the issue of energy efficiency in the supply chain will be taken as the major parameter for analysis, since around it you can develop themes and motives of environmental, economic and social. In particular, to contextualize the study the background of the research topics proposed by the VII Framework Programme, will be offered an analysis of the pressures exerted by the fisheries sector in its main segments: the capture phase and the other phases that combine to synchronize the product caught in the markets. As mentioned, it will be followed by a methodological approach that is based on field analysis of some special operating situations in the District of Mazara del Vallo Fishing. From these field investigations will be taken some of energy efficiency parameters and productive and environmental performance, which will be compared with the regional average figures of the 2009 report In addition,
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Number of pages48
Publication statusPublished - 2011

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