Valentina Polcini, Dino Buzzati and Anglo-American Culture. The Re-use of Visual and Narrative Text in his Fantastic Fiction”, Forme, strategie e mutazioni del racconto seriale

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[automatically translated] The volume of Polcini enrolled in this new Anglo-American interest in the Italian writer and plans to relaunch the international debate on Buzzati. First about the book in fact is to have tracked, with a wealth of examples and through a detailed analysis of the copious narrative production of Buzzati, the debt to the Anglo-Saxon and American tradition - and incidentally also one of Northern Europe. Conrad, Rachkam, Dickens and Melville are recognized its great masters. Closely intertwined with the first is about the second volume. As is also evident from the author's Anglo Fortunately, it is not easy to ignore the visual component in the work of Buzzati, even if you wanted to limit the analysis to the production exclusively narrative. In the study by Polcini the figurative dimension recurs in several ways: as a motif or theme in the translation from one form of expression, as illustrative kit in iconotestuali forms or as a necessary element, and not just an accessory, intermediated composition. In particular it is very interesting the Polcini analysis when it states that the two forms of expression, visual and narrative, have their origin in one another.
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Publication statusPublished - 2016

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