Utilizzo del pisello proteico in alternativa alla farina di estrazione di soia in un allevamento biologico di bovine da latte

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[automatically translated] Use of the pea protein as an alternative to the soybean meal in a biological breeding of dairy cows. In the experimentation it was verified the possibility of use of the pea protein as a total replacement of the flour of soybean in the concentrate is intended to be reared beef and milk in a biological system. Brown Swiss cows have been around 14 each fed divided into two homogeneous groups, for the entire duration of the test (292 d), with one of two different concentrates. Milk production has not differentiated between the groups, although the cows that received the protein peas have produced, compared to soy, a quantity of milk increased by 1.2 kg / d per head, without showing any change in the main chemical components and attitude parameters of the coagulation of milk, except for a tendency to reduce the level of urea. The results demonstrate the validity of the use of the pea protein as a protein source in total substitution of soybean meal in the diet of dairy cows characterized by medium productions not high.
Original languageItalian
Number of pages6
Publication statusPublished - 2008

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