Uridine enhances the cytotoxic effect ofD-glucosamine in rat C6 glioma cells

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This paper studies the influence of uridine on the effects exerted by D-glucosamine in rat C6 glioma cells. 2 mM uridine increased markedly both the cytotoxic effect of the aminosugar and the inhibition of thymidine incorporation into acid-insoluble fraction. Furthermore the complete resumption of the capacity to incorporate either 3H-thymidine or 3H-mannose which was observed after the removal of the aminosugar, was impeded when the cells were treated contemporaneously with D-glucosamine and uridine. An exposure for 4 hr to 20 mM glucosamine alone enhanced about 15-fold the cellular pool of UDP-N-acetylhexosamines; the addition of 2 mM uridine intensified the expansion of this pool, which became about 35-fold the control value. The findings suggest a connection between the accumulation of UDP-N-acetylhexosamines in the cells and the appearance of D-glucosamine cytotoxicity
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JournalLife Sciences
Publication statusPublished - 1986

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