Uno sguardo che vede. L'idea di rispetto in Cicerone e in Seneca

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[automatically translated] "Respect" belongs, without a doubt, the system of attitudes that we consider necessary for peaceful coexistence, and on the other hand its lack is perceived as a violation that threatens the fullness of the human condition; it is therefore a sensitive issue of the time in which we live. This book tries to draw a linguistic map of cultural representations of respect in ancient Rome, within which to frame the study of the "de officiis" of Cicero and the "de beneficiis" Seneca, to find out how, and to what extent, in late republic and age of Nero two intellectuals who were also public figures, displayed in political and sensitive reflection on power, They have come to rethink the exchange of mandatory and voluntary performance of which fed the social and community life in ancient Rome by introducing into them, as a deterrent to the increasingly painful friction and conflict between citizens first, and then between subjects, dynamics of interpersonal respect. While trying to bring to light what significant Roman culture has been able to produce for express recognition in others 'integrity evaluation space and action of every man, in an era that was far dall'approdare to a reflection on' equality of rights, the author arrives, in conclusion, to formulate, in all its difficulties, the question "what is the meaning of those operations for us, here and now?", with the dual aim of restoring, as far as possible,
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Publication statusPublished - 2016

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