Unipa L’immagine della cultura

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In the field of visual communication corporate image is a powerful means to state the status and the identity of a corporation. In fact, in the Twentieth Century the most important companies of the globe developed widely their commercial activity by using a systematic design coordination for every product and visual means, from logo to testimonials.The aim of the article is to examine how this stra- tegy, traditionally related with the commercial corporations, could be properly applied to Cultural Institutions and, in particular, to Universities, which are “corporations of culture”. After all, these are competitors in the “battle of visibilities” for different reasons: among the others, to give to their staff a sense of belonging, to communicate effectively their educational offering, to increase their attractive power outside.In this perspective, in the article is described how important institutions have redesigned their image, in Italy as well as abroad (IUAV, Eindhoven Academy of Design, MIT Lab). In the regard, some Universities are now redefining their image, as the University of Palermo, which redesigned its logo in 2010 and de- cided to adopt a logo-brand in order to identify the most important occasions of the academic year.The result is that a University, by assuming a well designed (corporate) image, gains a great advantage (not only visual), which valorises the institutional communication both inside and outside.In Palermo, the institutional communication has become very relevant in occasion of extraordinary event as the assignement of the title of “2018 Italian Capital of Culture” (Capitale Italiana della Cultura 2018). Now more than ever the image and commu- nication of Palermo has to be able to maintain this promise of quality – a quality that is also the image of Institutions.
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Publication statusPublished - 2017

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