Une base de donnée sur les primates du Miocene

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[automatically translated] The research focuses attention on the complex issue related to the consistency of quantitative evaluations of the old record of fossils of the Miocene primates. All data presented here has been filled with the information and format of the own database to NOW (Neogene mammals of the Old World), along with additional information from various sources. The compilation and analysis of data was conducted with a quantitative method. The digital data processing adopted was particularly effective in the synthesis and analysis of the large amount of information in the database. This research shows a synthetic image of the consistency of the fossil record, analyzed at different taxonomic levels, with the period mentioned above, regarding geographical distribution. An ecological analysis enabled a better understanding of the variation of parameters such as diet, body size and locomotion, with respect to time and geographical distribution.
Original languageFrench
Publication statusPublished - 2013

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