Uncommon localizations of hydatid cyst. Review of the literature

Giuseppe Salamone, Leo Licari, Gaspare Gulotta, Gianfranco Cocorullo, Roberta Tutino, Roberto Gullo, Nicolò Falco, Randisi, Gianfranco Cocorullo, Tutino, Leo Licari, Porrello, Vaglica, Gulotta, Salamone, Antonino Vaglica, Nicolo' Falco, Roberto Gullo

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Introduction. Hydatid disease is an endemic anthropozoonosis with usual localization in liver and lungs. Rarely it localizes in uncommon sites as spleen, skeleton, kidney, brain, cardiac muscle, peritoneum, sub cutis. Complications of uncommon localizations are the same that for usual ones. Material and methods. Review of the literature on rare and atypical localization of hydatid cysts in soft tissues. Key-words used on Pub-Med [(echinococ OR hydatid) AND (soft tissue OR subcutaneous OR cutaneous)] without time limit. There were found 282 articles; 242 were excluded because of muscular or bone localizations. 40 were coherent. Results. Different variables are taken into account: age, sex, geographic area, anatomic localization of the cyst, dimension, symptoms, signs, mobility, blood exams and specific serological tests, imaging techniques for diagnosis, existing of septa in the structure, treatment, anaesthesia, spillage, neo-adjuvant and adjuvant treatment, follow-up period, recurrent lesions. Conclusion. It would be useful create an homogeneous and standardized collection of data of these rare and potentially life-threatening conditions in order to create guide-line of diagnostic and therapeutic process and create (or adopt) unique classification of the lesions.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)180-185
Number of pages6
Publication statusPublished - 2016

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