"Una piazza giardino nell’area Quaroni"

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[automatically translated] The Curia has remarkable properties in the historic center and is one of the strongest players that can play an important role in pushing forward the urban renewal through the recovery and development of its assets. But it can not act like any real estate company tends to maximize profits without regard to some broader considerations. The first consideration is that the historic city as a whole (even if the real estate is private or public, concentrated or fractionated) belongs to the entire community of citizens who will read their own history through the architectural styles of church buildings, construction petite, open space, more or less stately ruins, urban archeology. The vacuum created in Maqueda street, in ' Curia area demands a new design approach that dialogues with the new space, which enhances the pre-existing, even relocating the architectural remains (if stored), which belong to the collective memory before the Curia, which skillfully exploits the various heights. The best idea, to the writer's opinion, would be to hold a competition of ideas, aimed at creating a square-garden, with decking articulated plans and degrading, and after having examined the texture and of a height of more local value low (crypts of pre-existing churches) may predict the construction of underground parking, easily accessible from Piazza S. Onofrio. It is suggested to the Curia, which has the thickness and the appropriate requirements,
Original languageItalian
Publication statusPublished - 2009

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