Una nuova edizione dell’«Antapodosis» di Liutprando di Cremona

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This paper takes remark by the publication of a new edition of Liutprand of Cremona’s «Antapodosis», edited by Paolo Chiesa (Milano 2015). The «Antapodosis» is one of the most characteristic and important historiographical and literary texts of Latin High Middle Ages, and, particullary, of Xth century Italy. This paper, after an introduction in wich we try topaint a picture of the history and the Latin literature in Xth century Italy, with brief considerations about some writers of time (Eugenius Vulgarius, Hatto of Vercelli, Benedict of Saint Andrew of Soratte, Ratherius of Verona), discusses Liutprand’s life and works. Chiesa’s edition is accurately examined, with specifical attention to some problems as the language, the style, author’s knowledge of Greek, the historical ideology, the relationships between Liutprand and classical auctores and Holy Bible. Beyond a strict analysis of Chiesa’s edition, the aim of this paper is devoted to give a "status quaestionis" of main problems of Liutprand’s work, at the light of the rich bibliography, mentioned and frequently discussed.
Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)607-634
Number of pages28
Publication statusPublished - 2016

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