Una esperienza di orientamento.

Giovanni Sprini, Vincenzo Catania

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    [automatically translated] This work aims to give an account of an orientation experience that has developed over the last fifty years in Palermo. We refer to the initiative carried out by the University Service of Orientation Department of Preventive Medicine (SUMP) born in 1964 who became later, in 1979, the School-Vocational Guidance Services and Information on the Labour Market and finally, starting by the end of 1999, University Orientation and Counselling (COT). The three names in fact refer to the same service created to assist young people at the time of choosing the university course to be taken. It was an initiative that since its inception has been carried out in close harmony with: "Assistance Office" later became the University Opera Universitaria and today ERSU (Regional Agency for the Right to Education). Even in this case we are dealing with three names of structures that have always had the same goal. At first the service was offered to students upon enrollment were subjected to medical screening at the SUMP, it was proposed to young people the opportunity of an orientation test which were of course free to accept it or not. At a later stage, from approximately the mid-70s, as they got rich knowledge of the problems, as they were experienced by young people, the offer was best articulated by involving the secondary education institutions, creating a network of contacts and organizing faculty at the institutions themselves a series of visits in which psychologists of service illustrated the significance and the opportunities that it was possible to seize availing of the services offered. Next to the offer of counseling for choices was developed a real strategy to offer counseling to young people who showed discomfort and for which they could be useful measures of psychological assistance. For we must not forget that the adaptation and integration of young people, whether they come from urban or from the "province", in the "University" system presented and presents more of a difficulty. In the work of which this text is a simple summary we will explain in detail the approaches used,
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    Publication statusPublished - 2010

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