Un contributo dell'agricoltura all'ambiente: le agroenergie

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[automatically translated] The energy crisis being recorded in recent years in the world, due to a gradual depletion of oil stocks and a growing demand for energy by countries-and submitted to emerging (China and India, in particular), has revived the ' need to re-run to alternative sources. Recent studies conducted by the scientific community, have shown that, in the medium to long term, the use of renewable sources can af-fiancare the use of fossil fuels or even become an alternative. Among these, particularly important for the Sicilian energy industry taking the so-called "agro-energy", the expression of multifunctional agriculture linked not only to the productive character issues, but also environmental and energy. It is oil crops, alcohol and biomass the use of which may not only reduce energy costs but provide income to-gricoltori, while allowing repopulation of rural areas and a reduction of desertification which affects-no large areas of Sicily. The energeti of-that compared to fossil fuels crops would also lower emissions of greenhouse gases by, to reduce phe-phenomena of air pollution, strongly needs required in urban environments.
Original languageItalian
Number of pages17
Publication statusPublished - 2009

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