Tucidide e la psicologia di massa: alcune considerazioni

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[automatically translated] The matter of the psychology in Thucydides has tormented the scholars. Following the purpose of the paper is to consider the use of psychology in Thucydides. A series of psychological generalization found in the History shows That Thucydides' interest was not Involved in psychology and in behavior, but in the rules of human behavior. In front of unexpected events, the mass is not incendio preserves straight to mind: swing of mood are one of its characteristics. In His History Thucydides ascribes to precise and specific semantics to each one of the words That express psychological information. Here, in addition pcs, one Discovers a wealth of vocabulary expressing the notion of fear itself in all its nuances. This is not surprising, perhaps for fear is the predominant emotion in History. In spite of what the Historian assert in the 21, the border between Rhetoric and Historiography is not clear-cut. Word and Concept in Thucydides are strictly connected.
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Publication statusPublished - 2012

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