Traumi infantili in un campione di pazienti affetti da psicosi all’esordio: associazione con psicopatologia e funzioni cognitive. Risultati preliminari

Laura Ferraro, Daniele La Barbera, Caterina La Cascia, Crocettarachele Sartorio, Alessandro Bruno, Claudia Mistretta, Graziella Grillo, Lucia Sideli, Maddalena La Placa, Maria Valentina Rumeo, Marta Pomar, Roberta Grassia, Vassilij Di Giorgio, Virginia Alabastro

Research output: Contribution to conferenceOtherpeer-review


[automatically translated] Introduction: Numerous studies have shown the association between childhood trauma and psychosis (Morgan Fisher, 2007). Although originally it emphasized the role of sexual abuse, recently the association with physical abuse and 'was reported as more' stronger (Fisher et al, 2010; Rubino et al, 2009). aims of the study are to evaluate the prevalence of childhood adverse events in a group of individuals with first-episode psychosis and its relation to psychopathology and cognitive function. Methodology: they recruited 74 subjects first-episode psychosis (51 m, 23 f; em = 26.39, SD = 9.36). The following interviews and tests were administered: CZECH-Q (Bifulco et al, 2005) for the retrospective assessment of childhood adverse events; PANSS (Kay et al, 1987) for the assessment of psychosis; WAIS-R (Wechsler, 1981) for the assessment of cognitive functions. Results: Preliminary results show an association between the presence of severe childhood adverse events and the PANSS general psychopathology subscale (p <0.05). It 'also been observed, an association between physical abuse made by his mother before age 12 and higher subscale scores of the PANSS positive symptoms (p <0.05). No association and 'was found between the psychosis and physical abuse made by the father or sexual abuse. No association and 'was found between cognitive functioning and severity' or numerosity 'of childhood adverse events. Conclusions: The preliminary results of the study appear in line with the indications of the literature. It 'must, however,
Original languageItalian
Number of pages2
Publication statusPublished - 2011

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