Trauma. Musei e memoriali fra tragedia e controversia

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[automatically translated] This book is dedicated to a category of museums, information centers and monuments to the memory, which is widespread in practice, but not yet fully studied in an Italian text, though, of other nations, lack neither numerous concrete examples or studies about. Fruit of the work of many years, the book examines the works of architects and exhibition designers who are dedicated to the theme of collective trauma, with a focus on trauma produced by racial persecution. After the description of a general framework, from which they emerge, beginning with the famous Vietnam Memorial in Washington, many positions, aversive, conciliatory or simply "aphasia", that have emerged in this regard, the discussion focuses on the themes in terms of historical trauma: the Holocaust. Through the death camps and the new museum architecture in them made up of European and American cities, with their museums and memorials, the text takes the reader into a world that, because of its importance, intersects all major contemporary movements, opening a new window of opportunity on the very concept of memory and memorial. Special attention is given to Germany, the country's most controversial memory, suggesting the German solutions, in all their difficulties constitute itself as an emblem of a redemption and a reconciliation desired by all, as an example to consider. On both sides of the Atlantic, the architects who have dealt with this controversial and difficult question are among the principal: this too can be a good reason to read this book.
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Number of pages610
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Publication statusPublished - 2009

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