Tra Venezia e il Papa. Gli anni romani di Francesco Mantica uditore di Rota e cardinale.

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[automatically translated] The jurist Francesco Maria Mantica (1534-1614) was the long-lecturer at the University of Padua and consultant, then in 1586 he was appointed auditor of the Sacred Roman Rota, and ten years later became a cardinal. During the years lived in Padua he spreads his famous treatise De coniecturis ultimarum voluntatum, but also the nearly three decades he spent in Rome are an important step, though little known, of his giusperito activities. The essay examines the two most significant events of this long phase biographical: the entry of Mantica in the court of the Holy Rota and its participation, as an auditor and as a cardinal, to a long judicial dispute between the Republic of Venice and Santa See. They emerge from the reconstruction aspects of its difficult to detect activities jurist to read the works and useful integration to it. But above all the events, which are fully included in the history of relations between Rome and Venice, are a privileged vantage point for understanding a phenomenon that goes beyond the single biography: the function of giusperiti in the Roman Curia and their movement, sometimes no solution continuity, between courts and congregations at a crucial stage in the construction of the papal jurisdictionalism.
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationFrancesco Mantica (1534-1614) vicende umane e vicende culturali di un giurista della controriforma.
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Publication statusPublished - 2011

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