Tra le forme del teatro en plein air

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[automatically translated] In the first four decades of the twentieth century in Europe it flows the great river of the Revolution announced the theater since the late nineteenth century. Coevamente and sometimes the same time the projects and the action of re-founders fathers of twentieth-century scene, largely implemented yet deputies inside the buildings to the theater, there is the reality of the show in the open air. It is a practice varies, part of which has been instrumental in the historic turning that animated the new perspectives of the twentieth century. It is dedicated this essay in order to distinguish the different forms and at the same time to determine what in particular, beyond the transposition of the bourgeois and commercial outdoor scene, have actually contributed to the re-foundation of the theater. In order to give a concrete answer to the question of objectivity outside of historiographical prejudices we have taken account of certain guidelines of the scenic practices among interrelated that characterized the first decades of the twentieth century: the extension of the search for alternative spaces to the building of the theater tradition; re-signification of the archaeological areas of the ancient theater; the recognition of a theatrically active role in the urban-architectural dimension (but also the landscape, whether rural or mountainous or coastal), along with the recovery of the festival as a backdrop or / and inspiring element of the theatrical performance. In this investigative perspective that necessarily binds to the major events that run through the history of those decades, from the Russian Revolution to the political regime,
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