Tommaso Maria Napoli Utriusque Architecturae Compendium Roma 1688 Breve trattato sulle fabbriche civili e militari e la conservazione delle architetture del frate domenicano Tommaso Maria Napoli

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[automatically translated] The volume Tommaso Maria Napoli Utriusque Architecturae Compendium Rome 1688 Short treatise on civil and military factories and preservation of the architecture of the Dominican friar Tommaso Maria Napoli, wants to help increase our understanding of the principles that should underpin the realization of civil and military architecture Baroque and late Baroque period, as expressed in the short treatise written by the architect friar, born in Palermo, Tommaso Maria Napoli (1659-1725), and published in Rome at the end of the seventeenth century. The translation from the Latin of the Treaty, drawn up by experts (Fabio Zarbo and Peter Zarbo), is included an interesting research, drawn up jointly with Joseph Tantillo, on some of the architectures made realize or attributed to the architect Tommaso Maria Napoli conservation status. Indeed, some cards are attached to the volume on the consistency and Mary of Assumption Cathedral conservation status of Dubrovnik, in today's Croatia, of Valguarnera and Palagonia villas in Bagheria, the Immaculate monument and one of the bell towers of the Church of San Domenico in Palermo. The volume also contains the presentation and afterword by Francesco Tomaselli that, among other things, starting from the definition of restoration given by Tommaso Maria Napoli in his book, presents a stimulating reflection on the meaning of Restoration. The volume Tommaso Maria Napoli Utriusque Architecturae Compendium Rome in 1688 ... inaugurates the necklace Monument Document Restoration for the conservation of the architectural and environmental heritage: Theory, knowledge, interventions, of Arachne publishing house in Rome,
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