Three-port colectomy: reduced port laparoscopy for general surgeons. A single center experience

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AbstractAIM: To evaluate three-port colectomy as an alternative reduced-port laparoscopy technique in colonic surgery. MATERIAL OF STUDY: Retrospective study carried out through the analysis of 32 consecutive patients that underwent alternatively to a three ports left colectomy or a conventional laparoscopic colectomy for colonic diseases in order to evaluate the benefits of the reduced-port technique. A multivariate analysis among duration of surgery, hospital stay and conversion rate was performed using the OLS regression and the binary logistic regression. RESULTS: We found a reduced operative time in the three-port colectomy in comparison to the four-port technique (p=0.07). The hospital stay was not found related to the number of port. Conversion rate was higher in the three-port colectomy group and in patients admitted in emergency (p=0.009). DISCUSSION: We did not found difference between three-port and traditional lap in relation to hospital stay. The reduced port technique allows to reduce operative times even adds more conversions. CONCLUSIONS: Three-port colectomy seems an affordable reduced port laparoscopy technique. General surgeons can use it without the need of specific tools minimizing the port-related complications.
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Publication statusPublished - 2016

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