The use of energy in the Mediterranean fishing catching sector. A Sicilian perspective

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This article address an issue of paramount importance in the Mediterranean area, that is the efficient use of energy and sustainability of fishing sector. A recent study concerning the situation of Fishery and Aquaculture in Sicily highlighted that the Sicilian fishing system requires a bigger amount of energy than the typical Italian or European situation, in order of getting the product available to the market. On the other hand this involves an higher level of environmental pollution, for a given quantity of catch. One of the main findings is that there is a need for a clear, scientifically-founded panorama of the situation and that further studies should be undertaken to provide fishing operators with adequate guidance in order to choose fishing practises and energy technologies that are more efficient in terms of energy expenditure by unit of revenue from catch. At this aim, this work carries out a concise analysis of catching segment of the fishing sector in Europe, in Italy and Sicily, starting from literature data. Some productivity, economic, capacity and efficiency indicators will be analyze and suggest in order to make a comparative comparison among the three geographic ambits.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages15
Publication statusPublished - 2010


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