The transition from Agricultural to Biosystems Engineering University Studies in Europe

Pierluigi Febo, Antonio Comparetti, Panagiotis Panagakis, Giacomo Scarascia-Mugnozza, Giacomo Scarascia-Mugnozza, Kestutis Navickas, Pedro Aguado, Demetres Briassoulis, Colm O'Donnell, Francisco Ayuga, Jens Fehrmann

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This paper describes the main result produced by the ERABEE (Education & Research in Biosystems Engineering in Europe) Thematic Network. The ERABEE Thematic Network was a follow-up of a previous Thematic Network called USAEE (University Studies of Agricultural Engineering in Europe) and both were co-financed by the European Community in the framework of the LLP Programme (Lifelong Learning Programme). The innovative and novel goal of the ERABEE Network was to promote the critical and inevitable transition from the traditional discipline of Agricultural Engineering to the emerging discipline of Biosystems Engineering, exploiting along this direction the outcomes accomplished by the the earlier USAEE Thematic Network. It also aimed at enhancing the compatibility among the new programmes of Biosystems Engineering, supporting their recognition and accreditation at European and International level and facilitating greater mobility of skilled personnel, researchers and students.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages6
Publication statusPublished - 2011

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