The “Soil Genetic Erosion”: a new threat for soils?

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During the 1990’s the concept of pedodiversity started to be diffused in the scientific literature and thedecrement of the soil diversity in space and time - particularly due to human activity - has been seen as a sortof underhand problem affecting soil ecosystems, considering that different soil types face gradual or drasticreduction or complete loss of their unique “genetic features”.Pedodiversity has received considerable recent interest, especially as peculiar aspect of biodiversity andhas been assessed by several authors by applying diversity indices used in ecology.This paper takes into consideration the influence of human activities on the loss of pedodiversity in aMediterranean area due to large scale farming. In particular it examines the quantitative and qualitative soilchanges in a period of 53 years evaluating the loss of soil diversity at soil subgroups level of the USDA SoilTaxonomy system.
Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - 2015


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