The passive cooling system from tradition to innovation: wind Towers

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The work presented by Golnaz Ighany, tutored by Maria Luisa Germanà, is a scheme that shows a synthesis of her PhD Research concluded in March 2011. The aim of the research was exploring the potential of using passive cooling systems and natural ventilation with special attention on wind towers. The study was focused on traditional passive cooling strategies which had been used in Middle East and Mediterranean areas.More particularly, the most common types of wind towers were analyzed in relation to different aspects: from the typology analysis to the dimensional one, from materials to systems and construction processes, from “live welfare” to energy efficiency. In parallel, it was conducted analysis on modern passive cooling systems to produce a methodological document that could be useful to builders for the design of technological solutions towards energy efficiency.Jury Comments: A methodology is presented which is logical, clear and easy to understad, leading a possible user though steps that start with analyzing traditional systems, through to contemporary case studies aiming to derive technology, principles and criteria for passive cooling design.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages2
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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