The Desalination Process Driven by Wave Energy: A Challenge for the Future

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The correlation between water and energy is currently the focus of several investigations.In particular, desalination is a technological process characterized by high energy consumption;nevertheless, desalination represents the only practicable solution in several areas, where theavailability of fresh water is limited but brackish water or seawater are present. These naturalresources (energy and water) are essential for each other; energy system conversion needs water,and electrical energy is necessary for water treatment or transport. Several interesting aspects includethe study of saline desalination as an answer to freshwater needs and the application of renewableenergy (RE) devices to satisfy electrical energy requirement for the desalination process. A mergebetween renewable energy and desalination is beneficial in that it is a sustainable and challengingoption for the future. This work investigates the possibility of using renewable energy sources tosupply the desalination process. In particular, as a case study, we analyze the application of waveenergy sources in the Sicilian context.
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Publication statusPublished - 2016

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