The complex cognitive system of executive functioning: A conceptual review

Daniela Russo, Agata Maltese, Gabriele Tripi, Margherita Salerno, Gabriele Tripi, Serenamarianna Lavano, Francesco Lavano, Palmira Romano, Francesco Cerroni, Daniela Russo, Beatrice Gallai, Rosa Marotta

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Every day we are faced with a variety of situations that require the use of cognitive processes different, such as recognizing and memorizing stimuli, understanding and producing statements, solving problems. In recent decades, cognitive psychology and neuropsychology have made considerable advances in description of these processes and how they can be disrupted as a result of an injury to the nervous system central. However, it is clear that our adaptation to the environment is not limited to perceiving, reading, and speaking. A fundamental aspect of mental life is represented by the need to continuously modulate the use of these cognitive resources to contingent needs according to our goals and goals. It is this type of problem that refers to the expression executive functions (EFs). During developmental age Efs change consistently and since age of 8 years many Efs are similar to adults.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)915-920
Number of pages6
JournalActa Medica Mediterranea
Publication statusPublished - 2018

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  • General Medicine


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