Testing a new sampler for measuring plot soil loss

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In order to measure soil loss in equipped plots the estimate of the weight of solid material intercepted at their lowerend is required. At the experimental area of Sparacia, Sicily, the runoff produced by an erosive event is collected within storage tankswith a capacity of about 1m3. In this paper, the use of a new sampler is proposed to measure easily the weight of solid materialeroded from an experimental plot and collected into a storage tank. The sampler is a cylinder having a closing valve at the bottom.Two different series of runs were carried out both to test the reliability of the sampler and to establish a sampling procedure, respectively.An analysis of various sampling configurations usable in the field differentiated by the number and location of samplingverticals in the tank cross-section was finally carried out. The results of the present investigation are that the concentration measurementby the sampler was more accurate than that obtained by other methods involving a collection tank, agitation and sampling ofthe suspension. This sampler is cheap and usable in combination with a quick field sampling procedure which is particularly advisablewhen the number of plots equipped at an experimental area is large. The sampler was tested using a clay soil contained withincylinders and a cubic tank, but it appeared also to be usable with coarser sediment than clay and in combination with tanks having adifferent shape.
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JournalEarth Surface Processes and Landforms
Publication statusPublished - 2016

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