Test in colonna per la denitrificazione delle acque di falda: studio del comportamento di tre differenti substrati organici

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[automatically translated] The increasing use of nitrogen-containing fertilizers has resulted in the accumulation of nitrates in groundwater. Because of the widespread nature of the sources of contamination, the need to identify remediation of low cost and which requires reduced management activities has become a priority. In this context, considerable interest has recently obtained biological treatments in situ, can promote the denitrification of groundwater by constructing biobarriere. In the note reports the results of a search on the heterotrophic denitrification process promoted using as a carbon source three conventionally considered waste materials: pine bark, cork and olive residues. Tests were carried out in the column for a 200-day period, in order to observe the denitrification process stimulated by the chosen substrates; the results obtained by feeding water artificially contaminated by nitrates have shown good yields of removal, showing substantial differences of process kinetics between the various substrates.
Original languageItalian
Number of pages9
Publication statusPublished - 2014

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