Territorio, ambiente e paesaggio: quale possibile integrazione?

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[automatically translated] Territory, environment and landscape? Since the enactment of the laws on the landscape of 1939 and the subsequent planning law of 1942, this question has characterized the political and urban debate, revealing a complexity due to the hermeneutical problems, regulatory and technical-operational. It's been more than seventy years, and yet the issue is far from resolved. The aim of the essay is to fix some problematic areas on which reflect to build a new public policy for the territory. This implies a clarification on the subject of contention: that is what they represent the three categories of 'environment', 'local' and 'landscape' in a non-trivial perspective, or rhetoric, territorial transformation (Palermo, 2009). To do this you must understand the consequences, in operational terms, three categories do not coincide in terms of history, legal and vocabulary which nevertheless occupy exactly the same space (Migliorini, 1989; Peano, 2011; Settis, 2010). On the other hand it seems unlikely the possibility of success of any form of territory project without a necessary transformation of the plurality of views, as well as of competenziali areas, in certain assumptions for the action.
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationAmbiente ed ecologia. Per una nuova visione del progetto territoriale
Number of pages9
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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