Terre incognite. Retorica e religione in Machiavelli

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[automatically translated] otherwise Periculoso find new ways and orders that you try fussi waters and unknown lands "... The Discourses on Livy start with this famous expression. However it is often given all'incipit a mere stylistic value, a formal tribute former Florentine Secretary to the spirit of the times, marked by the great trips and the amazing discoveries. In short, an opening condition in order to get into the substance of the commentary on the ancient Roman Republic who conquered the world. Instead there is much more: it is the perfect symbol and paradigm of the Machiavellian culture that weaves history and geography, philology and perspective, ancient and modern. It is the new sensational discovery of those who have "decided to enter a path, which, [is] still suta by some hackneyed "and landed in a revolutionary political theory which is preparing to deliver in the next few pages long. This is the '' Offizio "that remains to '' good man 'who looks to Florence from exile of San Casciano or idleness of Oricellari Orti: teach those who," more loved by Heaven ", he can achieve what he has heard" of those and these days, "and he could not make it happen. Those unknown lands begins the journey in Machiavellian cosmos, in which Ptolemy and the Bible, astrology and religion, history and philosophy, fortune and free will, Latin writers and humanists, the prophets of old and modern ones,
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