Terre di Confine

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[automatically translated] Narrative: The book presents the initiatory journey of the protagonist through the Borderlands between reality and fantasy, between lucidity and madness, between the material world and the spiritual world. A heroic fantasy that addresses critical social issues, intertwined with concepts of Western and Eastern esotericism. The protagonist, that is subject to a deep sense of loss, lives a condition of intense psychological distress. The journey through the worlds will reveal why this sense of inadequacy and provide the knowledge necessary to carry out the mission to which it is intended. To get an understanding of what lies ahead will rediscover everything that was taken for granted, new experiences in a world unknown to him, and finally embarking on a difficult journey through worlds brothers who suffer hidden suffering, worlds whose fate is tied to one another. One of these is our native world. An exciting journey to discover mythical beings, lost civilizations, the forgotten, and fraternal friendship, a journey that culminates in the embrace of the great Manenawa ...
Original languageItalian
Number of pages320
Publication statusPublished - 2011

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